Prayer for the Intercession of Blessed James Salomoni

April 30, 1995
Brother John Raymond

	James Salomoni was born into a noble family in Venice, Italy, in
 1231. While he was still an infant his father died and his mother
 entered a Cistercian Monastery. James was placed in the care of his
 grandmother. When he was old enough the grandmother encouraged him
 to pray the Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which he remained
 faithful to. James was put under the care of a Cistercian monk for
 his spiritual direction. As a teenager he was impressed by the
 Dominican preachers. James entered the Order at the age of 17. He
 distributed his substantial inheritance to the poor.
	After being ordained a priest Fr. James spent the next twenty
 years working in Venice. After a while he was sought out for advice,
 prayers and spiritual direction and openly venerated as a living
 saint. Fearing to lose humility with all this veneration he
 requested and obtained permission to leave Venice. At the age of 37,
 in 1269, Fr. James was assigned to Forli, near Bologna.
	In Forli the holiness of Fr. James again attracted attention. His
 preaching used to draw crowds who after hearing him would go to
 confession. In the protection of their city in 1282 the Forli faught
 the French. The Forli were victorious but eighteen thousand people
 had died in the process. Fr. James helped the people to get over
 this bitter tragedy. He organized the people to help in the enormous
 task of burial. He had an expiatory chapel built in memory of the
 dead having Holy Mass celebrated every Monday for them. The people
 were very appreciative of his charity during this event.
	Fr. James spent 66 years as a Dominican. Not only did he observe
 the Dominican rule but he added other voluntary penances. For 50
 years, he let it slip out, he had never taken a drink of water
 between meals, except five times. He refused to seek warmth in the
 winter or coolness in the summer. Fr. James at times would go into
 ecstasy during his celebration of the Holy Mass. He had promised the
 Blessed Virgin that he would be faithful to Her in his sermons and
 in the confessional. Also, in Her honor he would help all who came
 to him for material or spiritual help. Fr. James had a special
 devotion to St. Ursula, a virgin and martyr. He had a devotion to
 the Holy Souls in Purgatory and prayed the Office of the Dead daily.
 He liked to go and venerate the relics of various saints and
 martyrs. One time upon arriving at the catacomb of St. Sebastian he
 found the doors closed. Fr. James knelt down and prayed. The doors
 miraculously opened and he was able to go in and venerate the
 saint's relics. Fr. James preferred to be with the poor and sick to
 comfort them in their needs and troubles. Because of this he has
 come to be known as the father of the poor, the needy and the
	Fr. James had an extraordinary gift of healing. He was known to
 heal many tubercular persons, lepers, the blind and even raise the
 dead. By just making the Sign of the Cross Fr. James would cure
 cancer patients. He cured spiritually ill people too. He had the
 gift of prophecy. Many prophecies were fulfilled to the letter.
 Another gift he possessed was the reading of souls. A novice of the
 Servite Order was surprised when Fr. James revealed to him his plans
 to leave the Order. The novice had not told anyone. Fr. James
 encouraged him to persevere in his vocation.
	Fr. James developed malignant cancer of the chest in 1310.
 Although sick he continued in his ministry as though nothing was
 wrong for the next four years. He didn't complain and for the most
 part hid his illness from others. He kept on curing people almost up
 to his death. A few days before he died he blessed a woman with
 cancer of the throat and she was instantly cured. On May 13, 1314,
 Fr. James was forced to remain in bed because of failing strength
 and a fever. His fellow friars dressed the wound that had developed
 because of the cancer. Fr. James said he had no fear of death at
 all. On Friday, May 31, 1314, he died. His cancer wound miraculously
 disappeared. During the procession to the grave people touched his
 body and were cured. Miracles continued to take place at his tomb
 such as a drowned child coming to life. A little over two years
 after his death 388 authenticated miracles had been attributed to
 him. In 1622 Pope Gregory XV declared Fr. James Salomoni Blessed. He
 has been considered one of the patrons of cancer patients.


	O Blessed James, who during your life received with utmost
 tenderness those who came to you with their afflictions of body and
 soul, consoling them with kind words, even to the point of working
 miracles in their behalf; now that you are in Heaven, listen to my
 petition and out of your goodness, help me in my needs with your
 unfailing intercession. Obtain for me the grace to imitate your
 virtues, especially your generous love of God and neighbor, your
 profound humility, your devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and to the
 Blessed Virgin. Obtain also for me patience in adversity, fortitude
 in suffering and the favor of being preserved from cancer (or cured
 from it), for which you are invoked as a special protector.
	May your assistance help me to live a holy life on earth that I
 may deserve to be with you some day in the glory of Heaven. Amen.

Prayer for the Canonization of Blessed James Salomoni

	O God, who through the ministry of your faithful servants,
 manifest Your power and give relief to the afflicted of both soul
 and body, by the same chosen souls give us encouragement to practice
 the virtue of charity following in the footsteps of Blessed James.
 Hear our earnest prayers that soon he will be raised to the honors
 of the altar through canonization for Your greater honor and glory
 and the salvation of souls. Amen.