Act of Unceasing Love for Jesus

August 30, 1992
Brother John Raymond

	Pierina Betrone was born on April 6, 1903, at Piedmont, Italy.
 One year after Pierina's birth her family moved to Turin. At the age
 of thirteen, while making her thanksgiving after Holy Communion, she
 heard an inner voice ask her, "Do you wish to be entirely Mine?"
 Without a hesitation Pierina replied, "Yes, Jesus!"
	She thought to belong entirely to Jesus meant to become a nun. So
 she believed she had a religious vocation. However, she did not
 become a nun for ten more years until she was accepted into the
 Capuchin convent of Turin. After ten more years she was transferred
 to a convent at Moriondo. At the age of 43, in the year 1946, Sister
 Mary Consolata (her religious name) died a holy death.
	Sr. Consolata read The Story of a Soul by St. Therese of Lisieux.
 In this book St. Therese talked about a weaker soul than herself
 upon whom God would work even greater marvels. Sr. Consolata saw
 herself as this weaker soul. On November 27, 1935, Jesus confirmed
 what she had suspected when He said, "Well, I have found that still
 weaker soul who has abandoned herself with complete faith to My
 infinite mercy: it is you, Consolata."
	Sr. Consolata had a great desire to love Jesus. Our Lord taught
 her a way to grow in the fulfillment of His Commandments to love God
 with all one's heart, soul, mind and strength and to love one's
 neighbor as oneself. It is called the "Littlest Way." It involves
 praying unceasingly the following prayer: Jesus, Mary, I love You,
 Save Souls. This short prayer encompasses both Commandments, loving
 God and souls.
	Here is how Sr. Consolata tells us to do it: When you go to bed
 in the evening ask your Guardian Angel to love Jesus for you while
 you are sleeping and to inspire you to awaken praying the prayer.
 Continue repeating this prayer all day long. Entrust all your
 worries and cares to Jesus. He promised that if we love Him in this
 way He will take care of everything. When we are engaged in some
 activity that occupies our mind Jesus promises that this prayer of
 love will continue. Also, this does not mean one has to give up all
 other forms of prayer. The only obstacles to unceasingly praying
 this prayer are three: useless thoughts, useless talk and outside
 interests. The goal is to love Jesus in all activities and people we
 meet throughout the day. This little prayer will help us to do this.
	Sr. Consolata tells us this one little task will involve a
 generous and constant effort. She cautions us not to become
 discouraged. After practicing it for some years Sr. Consolata could
 say that she was distracted from Jesus for only two hours in a whole
 month! For those not able to give themselves so completely Sister
 says to them, "Avail yourselves of my act of love in the measure in
 which it is possible for you." Our Lord told Sr. Consolata that
 millions would follow her example all over the world - even men! One
 does not have to be young in age to start. The first one to follow
 the Littlest Way was Giovanna Compaire at the age of 85. This woman
 found this method very liberating to her spirit and died a holy
	Let us begin this unceasing act of love for Jesus today. One
 doesn't have to be a saint to do it. Jesus told Sister, "Though they
 be sinners, [they] will welcome it and will follow you in the simple
 way of trust and love."
	So let us love Jesus during all those moments throughout the day
 when our mind is not occupied by saying, "Jesus, Mary, I love You,
 Save Souls!"