Divine Mercy Video

January 29, 1995
Brother John Raymond

	A few years ago a young film-maker, Drew Mariani and his wife,
 Cathy, visited our monastery in Englewood. We had a great day
 together. We even made a three-hour video of my interviewing Drew.
 We were honored to meet him as we had enjoyed a film he had made so
 very much. It was "Marian Apparitions of the Twentieth Century." Now
 Drew has done it again. In conjunction with the Marian Fathers in
 Stockbridge, Massachusetts he has made an excellent film about
 Divine Mercy called "Time for Mercy." This film is hosted by Joseph
 Campanella who donated his talent. The film deals with the
 revelations to St. Faustina. It's a great film made by a fine
 young film-maker.
	This recently-released film is a great aid to prayer and a great
 reminder to pray. It teaches us about humanity's need for mercy and
 about the merciful love of Jesus. We are brought through scenes of
 the earlier part of this century, poverty, bread lines, World War
 II, the atomic bomb mercilessly incinerating Japan. We are shown
 nature destroyed, drug abuse and reminded that there have been
 twenty-five-million abortions in America alone. We are given wise
 words from Father Harold Cohen, S.J. who tells us that the problem
 in our world is the rejection of God. Then we are reminded of Noah
 by seeing excellent clips from the movie, "The Bible " We realized
 that today it is "as in the days of Noah." Father George Kosiki and
 author Michael Brown also share their insightful thoughts in this
	We are told the story of St. Faustina in a series of
 excellently-acted scenes with Melenie Metcalf as the good sister. We
 are taught the Divine Mercy devotion, the Chaplet, the Feast and the
 Hour of Mercy at 3:00 pm each day. We are also encouraged to do
 deeds of Mercy and are shown St. Faustina feeding a young beggar
 only to have Him disapppear! Then she heard Jesus say how pleased He
 was to hear the poor praise her mericful deed. A very interesting
 part of the film is the story of Ted Handley of Galveston Texas, the
 co-founder of "Our Daily Bread" a center which offers the poor and
 suffering corporal works of mercy.
	The film will help us pray. It also reminds us to pray for God's
 mercy for ourselves and for others, especially for dying sinners.
 Jesus told St. Faustina that anyone who has prayed the chaplet
 of Mercy or anyone for whom the chaplet is prayed He will be
 defended at the hour of death and the death will be a happy one.
 Jesus also told this holy nun, "I cannot punish even the greatest
 sinner if he has recourse to My mercy."
	This is a wonderful film. I cannot think of a better Christmas
 gift. This video, while being truly spiritual and teaching perfectly
 the Divine Mercy devotion, is made in such a way that it will appeal
 to people of all faiths or no faith. It is at the same time a
 religious experience and an interesting documentary. It would be a
 great gift for families, a parish library, a public library, or for

It's available from our monastery gift shop. It's VHS and 65 minutes
 long. Each video is 19.95 plus 1.50 for postage. To order the video
 write to:
				The Cloister Shop
				The Monks of Adoration
				2241 Englewood
				Englewood, FL 34223