The Chaplet of the Adorable Sacrament

March 10, 1996
Brother John Raymond

	I will eventually get back to the Catechism on prayer. I am still
 getting sidetracked. Some people have written to me telling about
 their benefitting from certain prayer articles and thanking me for
 them. One letter I recently received fell into this category -
 except I couldn't take the credit. What do I mean? Well, a woman
 wrote to about my article on "The Chaplet of the Adorable
 Sacrament." I looked through my articles and could not find it. I
 would like to share with you this woman's letter.
	The letter said that Clare's (sounds like a good fictitious name)
 husband had recently died. It so happened that at her parish they
 had perpetual Eucharistic adoration. So Clare went before Our Lord
 praying the above mentioned chaplet. Each time she prayed the words,
 "I offer you my sorrows..." Clare felt her grieving "pain was lesser
 and lesser" to quote her exact words. Because of this experience she
 wanted to make this chaplet known to other adorers. She asked me if
 I would print 100 to 200 holy cards with the chaplet on it. Clare
 said she would cover the expenses and would distribute them in her
	Fortunately for me Clare had included a copy of the chaplet from
 memory, not having the original article. She told me there might be
 some slight changes from my original version - Her copy
 was my original. I sent it to a wonderful friend of the monastery,
 nicknamed "Brother Betty," who does typesetting for us. Not only did
 she do a great job, she included the chaplet in her collection of
 prayers. Talk about holy stealing! Further, she contributed $10.00
 toward the printing costs. (I like Brother Betty even though she
 uses an Apple Computer instead of a PC.) I found a picture of two
 angels in Eucharistic adoration to put on the reverse side of the
 holy card. We had them printed and shipped them off to Clare.
	Clare's zeal to share this prayer with others is truly an act of
 charity. She found such comfort in praying the chaplet herself that
 she wanted others to experience this too. Well, Clare, not only will
 you share this prayer with your parish but with all of us. Perhaps I
 did do an article on this chaplet after all!

Chaplet of the Adorable Sacrament

	Begin with an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be for the
 intentions of the Holy Father. Next, using a rosary, pray the
 following on the Our Father beads: "Lord Jesus, I offer You my
 sorrow for the many sacrileges committed against You and the
 indifference shown You in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar." Then on
 the Hail Mary beads pray: "Jesus, I adore You in the most Blessed
 Sacrament." At the end of the rosary conclude with this prayer:
 "Holy Mother Mary, please present this prayer to your son, Jesus,
 and bring consolation to His Sacred Heart. Please give Him my thanks
 for His divine presence in the Blessed Sacrament. He has treated us
 with mercy and love by staying with us. May my life be my
 thanksgiving prayer to Him. Jesus, I trust in You. Amen."