Praying the Rosary Part II

October 24, 1993
Brother John Raymond

	It is still October and the month of the Holy Rosary. Some of us
 may already pray a Rosary a day. If you do I would like to say to
 you - don't stop there! Pray more Rosaries every day! Pray in the
 car, pray waiting in lines, during free time, etc. Don't say "well,
 I already pray one Rosary a day and that's enough." Don't limit
 yourself. You would be amazed at how many Rosaries you can say a day
 even under the busiest conditions. Do you take a coffee-break?
 Perhaps you take two. Well, there's two more times to pray the
 Rosary. One must not think that to pray the Rosary one must pray all
 five decades at once. Sometimes while driving in the car I'm not
 able to finish all the Mysteries. Next opportunity I get I finish
 where I left off.
	A help to praying the Rosary in difficult situations such as
 driving is to buy a finger or ring rosary. The basic form of the
 finger-rosary is a ring of ten beads that fits around one's finger.
 By placing the ring on the index finger one can use one's thumb to
 rotate the beads. One finger rosary which I really like looks just
 like a wedding ring. It is made of two metal rings one on top of the
 other. The top ring rotates while the bottom ring remains
 stationary. Instead of beads the top ring has ten raised bumps.
 Whatever the style of finger rosary used it is a good practice to
 wear it on one's finger all the time. Then when one has a few spare
 minutes it becomes a reminder to pray a decade. Also wearing a
 rosary-ring can represent one's total dedication to Our Lady.
	Praying the Rosary during one's spare time throughout the day can
 be a witness to others.  Once when I was waiting for a plane. I took
 out my Rosary and started praying. A woman sitting across from me
 was waiting for the same plane. After a little while she took out a
 prayerbook and started praying too! I thought to myself later how
 one's witness of prayer can inspire others to pray in places one
 does not normally associate with prayer. It's a type of disease that
 I would like to spread and become an epidemic. Anyway, it's a good
 idea always to carry a rosary with you. It's even a better idea to
 use it!
	People's rosaries lately have been turning to gold. A few years
 ago I was at the North American Martyrs Shrine in New York. A man
 came over to me surprised because his Rosary had just turned gold!
 He did not know what to make of it. I did. Our Heavenly Mother was
 telling him and us that the Holy Rosary is as priceless as gold.
	Parents are happiest when their children obey them. Our Heavenly
 Mother will be happiest if we obey Her. She tells us to pray -
 especially the Rosary. Our Heavenly Mother has asked us frequently
 to pray the Holy Rosary. In many recent apparitions She has asked
 that it be prayed three times a day. We have to listen to Her urgent
 requests. More than any other time in the history of the Church now
 is the time to pray the Rosary. This is Mary's Time by the Will of
 God. She will help us during the soon-to-come very difficult time
 that has been predicted in many of Our Lady's apparitions. Look at
 the signs of the times. Why all these apparitions? Why all this
 urgent request for prayer? Why so many weeping statues Our Blessed
 Mother? Even the secular newspapers and news programs on television
 have been covering these events. Because a chastisment is coming as
 we were told by Our Lady at Akita Japan. And these apparitions have
 been approved by the Church. But we are told how to prepare:pray the