Real Audio/Video Problem Instructions

Try the RealAudio/Video player on the page by pushing the right arrow on the player. You can find the players for every audio/video selection off our main page under Multimedia at If you don't see the players and you are using Internet Explorer for your browser and Windows select Start>Settings>Control Panel>Internet Options>Security Tab. Now you can move the "Security Level for this Zone" slider down one or two notches. Then press OK. You can always restore the default setting by pressing the "Default Level" button later. The player should appear upon refreshing the page.

If for some reason the player doesn't work or your web browser does not display them you will need to try the RealPlayer link found at the top of these audio/video selection pages. Clicking on the link should open RealPlayer if it is installed on your computer. If you do not have RealPlayer then go get this free download at and install it on your computer. Make sure you choose the Free version. Once you have selected where to download it on your computer then wait for it to download. Now you have to locate the file you downloaded and double click on it to install RealPlayer.

From time to time the computer that delivers our audio and video goes down or is overloaded with requests. Try again later if none of the above works. If the problem continues to persist be sure to e-mail us telling us your difficulty and we will try to help you.