Sharing Prayers

September 29, 1996
Brother John Raymond

	You may recall an article I wrote on the Chaplet of the Adorable
 Sacrament. (March 10, 1996) In this article I mentioned printing
 some Holy Cards with this prayer on it. Since that time I have
 received many requests for them. So we had 10,000 printed and you
 can order them from: The Monks of Adoration, 2241 Englewood Road,
 Englewood, FL 34223. (Suggested donation: 1 to 10 laminated holy
 cards are 25 cents each with a SASE; 25 are $5.00 + $.80 postage; 50
 are $7.50 + $1.25 postage; 100 are $10 + $2.65 postage; 500 are
 $50.00 + $4.25 postage; 1,000 are $100.00 + $6.25 postage.)
	Holy cards remind me of something I did when I was young and
 daring. When I lived in Orlando, Florida I came across a beautiful
 holy card with the Face of Jesus on it. When you turned the card at
 a certain angle Jesus' Face as depicted on the Holy Shroud of Turin
 would appear. Otherwise, you would see His Face as reconstructed by
 an artist from the Shroud image. I used to keep the card on my
 bureau in my room. One day the idea came to me to share this holy
 card with others. So I bought about twenty-five of them. But instead
 of sharing them with friends, I randomly picked people out of the
 phone book. I wrote a little note on the back of the holy card
 explaining that I was a Catholic who wanted to share something
 special with them. Some of these strangers were very grateful for
 the gift. One man went so far as to track me down and come and visit
 me. Others found me in the phone book and gave me a call. It
 certainly created quite a stir.
	Another experience something like the above but certainly not as
 good was a chain letter I received with a prayer on it. You had to
 pray it and pass it on or else... Well, I didn't cooperate and am
 still here. So much for superstitious threats. This is not the way
 to share a prayer with someone else.
	Perhaps you have some special prayer or holy card you would like
 to share with others. Certainly the Chaplet of the Adorable
 Sacrament is one I would like to share with everyone. You never know
 what can happen when you begin to share prayers with others. The
 blue "Pieta" Prayer Booklet I am sure far exceeded the expectations
 of those who put it together. It was given away at first. Now over 3
 1/2 million booklets have been circulated. I enjoyed praying the
 prayers from this booklet so much many years ago that the booklet
 fell apart from use. I got away from it for awhile but not long ago
 someone gave me one and I have begun once again praying some of the
 prayers contained in it. I was very surprised one day to learn that
 my own mother had been using that booklet for years! (You can order
 the Pieta Prayer Booklet from us at the above address for a
 suggested donation of $1.50 + $50.)
	Sharing our prayers and devotions with others can be a source of
 growth for everyone. Devotion to Saint Joseph I picked up from
 someone else. Before I never had given him much attention at all.
 And of course Saint Anthony of Padua quickly proved to me he is
 capable of finding anything. But praying to him for lost things I
 learned from someone else. Tradition both with a big and small "T"
 is very much a part of our living Catholic Faith. People throughout
 the centuries have felt the need to pass on the great treasures of
 our rich Catholic faith, culture and heritage. We can be part of
 this long chain of love. Who knows, perhaps something you share with
 somebody will get passed on from one person to another until the end
 of time!