Apparitions of Mary Photos 2

Our Lady of Lipa, Philippines. The Church is still investigating this apparition.

In the center is the Lipa visionary. Brothers Craig and John (left) were present when Monsignor Ramirez (right) the Vicar General and Chancellor or the Archdiocese of Manila was questioning the visionary.

This is a magnified image of one of the many rose petals that fell during the Lipa apparitions of Mary. If you look closely you can see the image of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. Brothers John and Craig witnessed one of these rose petals and were amazed at the images contained on them.

Another rose petal image, this time of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Another rose petal with the image of Mary, Joseph, the Child Jesus and the Holy Spirit represented as a dove.

petal1.gif (47444 bytes)

A rose petal with an image of Our Lady and a Crucifix.

petal2.gif (38733 bytes)

A rose petal with an image of the Crucifixion.