By Brother John Raymond
A Monthly Column written for The National Catholic Register Newspaper Arts & Culture Section

  1. Hello...This is Your Computer Calling
  2. Several Strings Attached: Free Internet Service Usually Comes with a Catch
  3. A Few Bytes of Prevention: Why anti-virus software is a must for browsers and e-mailers
  4. Your Best Defense Against Online Offense: Counter Odious Web Content With Well-Aimed e-Mail
  5. Computers as Creative Collaborators: Making Movies and Music the Digital Way
  6. It's a Jumble Out There: Don't Let Your Children Get Lost in Cyberspace
  7. How to Discern Online Deceit: Information and Misinformation Often Site Side by Side on 'Catholic' Web Sites
  8. No Rest for the Frugal: Is the Web's Well of Freebies Running Dry?
  9. Who Stole My Web Site? Unguarded Web Addresses Are Vulnerable to Domain Theft
  10. Hello Web, Goodbye Busy Signal: Mean Business? Maybe You Need Bandwidth
  11. What's in a (Domain) Name? Coming Soon to a Computer Near You: Extension Choices Galore
  12. Give the Internet Credit: It's Safe to Charge Online - Just Be Sure You Trust the Seller
  13. Shop Till You Drop Without Ever Leaving Your Seat: The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping
  14. Banner Ads: Bane of the Web Experience - How Not to Let Pushy Sales Pitches Drive You Offline
  15. Quick Fix or Protracted Problem? What to do When Your Computer—or Someone Else's—Breaks Down
  16. Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Virtual Snow…How Reliable, and How Secure, is Your E-mail?
  17. Baptizing the Internet: The Pope Knows the Web
  18. The More Online, the Merrier: How to Get Everyone Connected Under One Roof
  19. Theives Lurk in the Shadows Online
  20. Tempted by the Fruit of Another Identity?
  21. Why Catholics Belong on the Internet
  22. Pop-Up Advertising: Don't Get Mad - Get Filtered
  23. The Web Doctor Will See You Now - Or Anytime
  24. Thou Shalt Not Steal Goes Digital
  25. Online Voting for the Rest of Us: Internet-based 'Virtual Booths' Are on the Way
  26. They're Coming to Sell You: Marketers Have the Goods on You. What Can You Do About It?
  27. Stuff to Sell, Places to Work: Online Classifieds
  28. Search the World and Never Leave Your Seat
  29. Meanwhile, Down on the Blog...
  30. Who Put the Cookies in Your Computer?
  31. Virtual Tennis, Anyone? Computer Games Come of Age
  32. Talking to Your Computer
  33. Old Computers Never Die - They Just Change Owners
  34. Warning! Virus Attached (Maybe)
  35. Smile! You're on Digital Camera
  36. The Pros and Cons of Instant Messaging
  37. When Virtually in Rome...Surfing the Vatican's Newly Dynamic Web Site
  38. I'm a Person - Not a Product
  39. Prayer, Contemplation, Study - and a Booming Business
  40. Today's Computers: Simple Enough for a 4-Year-Old...but you can't make heads or tails of them, so go get a 4-year-old
  41. From the Monitor to the Monastery: Vocations' Recruitment Goes Online - And Doesn't Stop There
  42. Defeat the Dark Side of '24/7' Devices
  43. Is Your Computer Spying on You?
  44. Any Web Port in a Storm? Considering Computers in the Wake of Hurricane Charley
  45. I, Computer: Just How Smart Will Our Machines Get?
  46. My Computer, the Bookkeeper: It's Never Too Soon to Start Letting Your Computer do the Heavy Lifting on Satisfying the IRS
  47. Computer Storage
  48. Hello? Hello? Are We Really Talking Over the Web?
  49. This Year's Book on Catholic Blogs
  50. Move Over Microsoft - There's a New Browser About: A Look at Mozilla Firefox, the New Kid on the Web-browser Block
  51. All the News That's Fit to Ignore: Beware Information Overload
  52. Shop Until Your 'Buddy' Drops
  53. Whither Wireless? Know the Risks Before You Toss Your Cords
  54. Self-Help for the Computer-Challenged
  55. Cable, DSL or Fiber?
  56. Biofeedback via Computer?

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